Learning Analytics

\(\chi^\color{red}2\) Learning Analytics Our learning analytics product plugs in to your LMS for real-time analysis. From descriptive, comparative and inferential anaysis, all the way to predictive models, retention risk management and the AI-driven recommendation engine, it provides analyses for students, instructors, guidance counselors and administrators. With more than 80 reports, ad-hoc inferential statistics and custom trained models, \(\chi^\color{red}2\) Learning Analytics provides a complete suite of analysis tools for academic institutions.

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SIS Analytics

\(\chi^\color{red}2\) SIS Analytics Your institution’s student information system (SIS) is an invaluable source of information for performing Learning Analytics and Educational Data-Mining. Beyond just students’ grades it can provide deep insight into your student population and inform other LA-systems in place. Our SIS analytics extracts this information both for use by our other systems, and for direct use by the institution as it provides interfaces for descriptive and inferential analysis, as well as precitive modeling capabilities.

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Mobile for synchronous courses

Frustration free feedback for synchronous courses \(\chi^\color{red}2\) mobile allows instructors to elicit information and feedback about online teaching in a contiunous manner, indepentently of the video-conferencing system they choose to use. Customizable templates collect required data points during or after each session and linguistic analysis and AI provides insight about concepts learned and those that require review.

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Meta-predictive Risk Model

\(\chi^\color{red}2\) Meta-predictive Risk Model Our Meta-predictive Risk Assessment methodology allows institutions to assess the likelihood of success when implementing early warning systems. Before investing resources into a full-fledged implementation, we can assess what is likely to work and, more importantly, what will likely not work, this allowing the institution to target its investments in analytics to systems that will actually provide a return. Is there a there there, is a question that should be asked as early as possible.

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Classroom Analytics

Analytics for face-to-face and hybrid courses For courses that are taught in the traditional face-to-face manner it can sometimes be trickly to collect enough data for a proper analysis. \(\chi^\color{red}2\)’s Classroom Analytics bridges the gap between online and face-to-face, and provides an important suplement to hybrid courses.

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Implementation Services

\(\chi^\color{red}2\) Implementation Services A production level learning analytics systems typically involves a lot of moving pieces. Different data-sources, systems and people need to talk to each-other in a seamless fashion in order to provide the right information to the right stakeholders in time for action to be taken. It is also the case that once a Learning Analytics system has been implemented it too becomes a non-trivial component of the organization and influences its processes and outcomes.

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