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WITH OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE, We know what works, and what doesn't. Peruse our website to learn more about our scientific approach.

Products and Services

Our portfolio of products and services is designed to meet all your learning analytics needs.

Learning Analytics

Analytics for your LMS

SIS Analytics

Analyse your SIS data

Curriculum Analysis

Unlock the insights hidden in your curriculum

Mobile for synchronous courses

Frustration free feedback for synchronous courses

Meta-predictive Risk Model

Is there a there there?

Classroom Analytics

For face-to-face and hybrid courses

Implementation Services

Multisystemic Learning Analytics for your Institution

The Chi Square Advantage

Scientific Approach

All our work is based on peer-reviewed research and/or controlled experimental designs.

Well Documented

From birds-eye to the nitty-gritty. Everything we do is thouroughly explained, reproducible and ready for peer-review.

Continuous Updates

Continuous backtesting is an important and indispensible part of our process. Updates are made on an ongoing basis to ensure maximum performance.

Solid Support

Unsure about how to interpret a visualization, result, recommendation or prediction? You friendly neighborhood data-scientist is on call.


There is no secret sauce. Algorithms and approaches chosen are shared for your review.

Deep Integration

Learning Analytics analyses data from a number of systems, and informs a multitude of processes. Our products are compatible with industry standards.

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